A wayfinder, over the centuries, has been one who has a unique blend of knowledge and skills to help navigate a ship through ever-changing conditions to a desired destination. We play that role for our clients, helping guide them through changing financial, economic, and life conditions, toward their values and goals. We do this with a wealth management framework we call Seaway Wayfinder. It involves three main disciplines: Plan, Invest, and Protect. Here is a summary of those services:

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  • Envision and define your financial and life values/goals
  • Organize, simplify, and monitor your finances with Investor360®
  • Benefit from employer and government benefits and pension programs
  • Empower family or charitable giving with greater purpose


  • Align your savings and spending habits with your long-range goals
  • Shelter investments from the negative drag of taxes
  • Allocate your investments in alignment with your risk tolerance and goals
  • Discipline your behavior as an investor
  • Deleverage and pay down your debt(s) efficiently over time


  • Prepare for adversity with emergency source(s) of funds and liquidity
  • Hedge against risks such as health care costs, survivorship, convalescent care, etc.
  • Insure against potential risks to your wealth and longer-range plans
  • Legacy your assets with intentional and tax-efficient estate planning